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The Id4best service is FREE for you! Interested? Then we need basic data regarding your business idea or business case so that we can carry out an initial assessment of the potential. This way, the Id4best team checks whether the existing technology or services are mature enough so that they can be added to Level 2 / Matchmaking.

Expand your network, your idea / technology / solution and your customer pipeline.

  • If your idea is clear and mature enough, you as a provider have reached level 2 and we start looking for a potential business partner for you.
  • If your idea is still unclear and needs improvements regarding the orientation of the services/ delimitation from the market etc., then you will receive relevant recommendations from the Id4best team. Optional: Cemit offers you an individual offer to support you so that the existing plausibility gaps can be closed. If possible, the Cemit also takes care of appropriate grants for the required R&D or for advisory services.

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