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We are the interface between new technology ideas and their users from industry and service. This is how we become accelerators when it comes to innovation and progress.

Our mission is to lead companies and organizations to success through innovation. To do this, the right ideas often have to come together. Networking start-ups, SMEs, large companies or university spin-offs can be the sparkling element.

Id4best was created by us so that we proactively connect YOUR COMPANY with the future.


How does it work?

Level 1: Idea & need assessment: We support start-ups and technology freaks, so that their project matures and goes to the next level - generating, analysing and potentiating ideas. We also recognize innovation potential and bottlenecks in established SMEs and large companies.

Level 2: Idea Search & Match: We are predestined to find the right idea/solution and the right partner for every company - matchmaking enables new ways and solutions. Start-ups benefit from potential applications and large companies through access to innovative technologies.

Level 3: Idea development: As soon as the matchmaking has taken place, work begins. Calculations, business plans, contracts, financing applications etc. have to be drawn up - we support you and lead the project to success.


We are the professional innovation scouts, matchmakers and implementers in Tyrol.


In which organization are you working and how can you use id4best?

Choose your organization and follow the next matchmaking steps!


I work for an awesome start-up


I work for an elite research institute


I work for an already well-established corporation


For Start-ups and Research Institutes

The Id4best service is FREE for you! Interested? Then we need basic data regarding your business idea or business case so that we can carry out an initial assessment of the potential. This way, the Id4best team checks whether the existing technology or services are mature enough so that they can be added to Level 2 / Matchmaking.

Expand your network, your idea / technology / solution and your customer pipeline.

  • If your idea is clear and mature enough, you as a provider have reached level 2 and we start looking for a potential business partner for you.
  • If your idea is still unclear and needs improvements regarding the orientation of the services/ delimitation from the market etc., then you will receive relevant recommendations from the Id4best team. Optional: Cemit offers you an individual offer to support you so that the existing plausibility gaps can be closed. If possible, the Cemit also takes care of appropriate grants for the required R&D or for advisory services.

Let us get started! Fill out the following questions and we will contact you regarding the next steps.

Let us know a bit about you...

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What is the name of your company/institution you work for?

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Which field does most closely fit to your solution?

What are some key words concerning your technology/branch/methods?

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For Corporates

Why should you or your company be part of id4best?

  • You want to be informed about upcoming trends and technologies at an early stage and always be one step ahead of the market
  • You are facing problems or bottlenecks and lack of ideas on how to deal with them
  • You want to improve your processes to save resources and money
  • You are curious about innovative ideas and technologies in general

Id4best would like to take you further and scout the market and/or start-ups specifically for solutions for your needs! We support you in the entire process so that you get measurable benefits from your id4best membership.


Does your company have special technical requirements or project ideas? Talk to one of our advisors. We will create your profile together so that we know what you are interested in. Then we can arrange further procedure via Id4best!

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